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This year, Music will be integrated into our Movement class in the gym. Students in the younger classes will visit Music/Movement twice a week for 20 minutes each, while older classes will attend the class once a week for 40 minutes. 

This year, we are combining Movement/Music into one class. These teachers work tirelessly to create innovative and exciting activities. All ages attend Movement/Music class throughout the week. Students experience obstacle courses, community drives... Read More


Suzanne Viera

Children 2.5 and older attend Spanish class once a week. Students are immersed in the Spanish language for the duration of the class through stories, songs, games, etc. Some of the songs learned in class are incorporated in our Christmas and Spring... Read More



Yoko Calhoun

Art Class is reserved for our oldest students, the fours and young fives. Each week these students learn about various artists and their differing techniques. Children are able to work with materials that aren't always readily available in the... Read More


Christine Fritsch

Christine Fritschand her team will deliver engaging Science activities to our 3's and older classes. Whether they are building an actual eagle's nest, mixing up experiments in the classroom, or extending learning to the Outdoor Classroom and beyond... Read More


Children attend Chapel bi-monthly. Chapel is led by Kristi Olterman, with an occasion appearance by Mt. Zion UMC staff. Bible stories are portrayed with visuals and some acting, and teach children about God's love and how we can show his love to... Read More