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This year, we will handle snack differently than in the past in order to comply with CDC and Bright from the Start guidelines.

Each student will bring his/her own snack each day to class. In addition, each child should be a pre-filled water bottle or sippy cup as is appropriate for the age group. Your child's teacher will talk more about this during virtual Open House.

You will be alerted to any food allergies in your child’s class, which will dictate some snack limitations for the entire group.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Mt. Zion UMC Preschool strives to be a PEANUT-FREE-ENVIRONMENT, because so many children have a severe sensitivity to peanut-related snacks, including peanuts & peanut butter.


          On the SALTY side                           On the SWEET side

* Snack Mix (without nuts)                              * Applesauce Cups

* Goldfish Crackers                                          * Cut-up Fruit

* Cheese Sticks                                                * Oatmeal Cookies

* Assorted Crackers                                         * Vanilla Wafers

* Small Pretzels                                               * Graham Crackers

* Mini-Bagels/Cream Cheese                             * Yogurt Cups

* Bread Sticks                                                  * Rice Crispy Treats

* Cut-up Veggies                                               * Jell-O

* finger sandwiches                                          * Raisin Boxes

* English Muffin Pizzas                                    * Bananas

* Quesadillas                                                    * Muffins

We strive to provide the children with nutritious snacks.  As a general rule, please read labels and look for snacks that are about 150 calories or less per serving, less than 5 grams of fat, and less than 275 mg of sodium.

We cannot serve items that are considered a choking hazard. This includes: hot dogs, whole grapes, carrots, raw peas, hard pretzels, or popcorn. [Exception:  If hot dogs, grapes, and carrots are sliced lengthwise then we can safely serve them]

A special birthday snack can be provided by you on your child's birthday, but it must be store bought with ingredients listed and unopened. Homemade items will not be permitted until guidelines are changed regarding Covid-19.