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Proper Dress for School


Each child should arrive at school dressed in simple play clothes.  Many of our activities tend to get a little messy, and we want the children to be able to enjoy themselves, without having to worry about their clothing.

ALL CHILDREN MUST WEAR RUBBER SOLED SHOES TO SCHOOL.  There are many opportunities for climbing and running on our playground and in our gym, and the children must be able to participate in activities safely.  Please take special note: SANDALS, FLIP-FLOPS, ETC. ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.  If you send your child to school in inappropriate footwear you will be called to bring your child a change of shoes.

ALWAYS be sure your child has a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt available to wear at school.  The weather may be fine early in the morning and chilly later on in the day.  During winter months, be sure to add gloves and a hat to the school bag.  Unless the weather is bitter cold, it is rainy, or the air quality is deemed unsafe, the children will go outside every day. Please be sure your child is always prepared for a comfortable playtime at school every single day.