1770 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30062

Preschool Tote Bags


The preschool will give a school tote bag to every child enrolled in our program, which your child will need to bring to school each day.

                 (Do not use any backpacks or diaper bags.) 

Children under 3 should always have a full change of clothing in their bag (clothing changed as the seasons change), as well as 3 diapers, a “sippy” cup with a lid, and any comfort items such as a pacifier or a blanket that may help make their adjustment to the program a little bit easier. Please have your child’s name clearly written with permanent marker on all items, including cup, lid, and diapers.

The children aged 3 and up must always have a complete change of clothing in their bags, including socks (clothing changed as the seasons change).

If you lose your school bag, a replacement bag must be purchased. The cost of replacement is $5, which can be purchased from the preschool office.

Do not allow your child to keep a toy in the school tote bag unless it is for “show & tell”.

Never put any medication in your child’s school bag – not even cough drops.