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Potty Training


Potty training is not required for children in the younger classes, from 12 months old through 2½+ years old.  Children aged 3 years old through 5 years old must be reliably toilet trained * to take part in the Preschool portion of our program.

* Reliable toilet training is defined as: “a child who can tell an adult when he needs to use the bathroom.”  A good example of being reliably potty trained is The little girl you would trust to sit on your mother-in-law’s new sofa in her new big-girl underpants, or the little boy you’d trust to sit on the bride’s lap at the wedding reception wearing his new big-boy underwear!

Potty training often occurs in the spring for the 2 to 2½+ year-old classes. If you let your child’s teachers know that you are working on potty training at home, they will try to help you and your child during this transitional time.

None of the 3 & 4 year-olds should be wearing “pull-ups” to school as a “just in case” measure……..reliably potty-trained children are past this need.

It is helpful if you have your child use the bathroom right before coming to school each day. If you walk your child to class in the morning, please take your child to the bathroom before coming into the classroom.  The classes will make trips to the bathroom as a group, and a teacher will accompany a child when needed between group trips.

Our Policy for Repeated Toileting Accidents

While accidents will occasionally occur, children in the preschool program with frequent toileting accidents will need to be withdrawn from the school for one month to work on successful potty training.  A half-tuition rate will be charged for one month, to hold the child’s spot in the program.  If, at the end of a month, the child is still not reliably potty trained, the parent will need to withdraw the child from the preschool program.