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Holiday Parties


All classes will celebrate 4 holiday parties during the year: Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter.  These parties are generally scheduled for the last 30 minutes of the school day.  Party helpers should arrive in time to set up and carry out the festivities.  Other parents may join during the last 15 minutes. Please note that siblings are not accounted for in planning for party supplies.



Typically, four parents will be asked to help with each class party.  We ask that you sign up for only one party so every parent will have a chance to be involved.  Help is provided in areas: 1] party plates & napkins, 2] a party snack, 3] a story to read, and 4] a game to play. 

DO NOT plan a craft activity – parties are not long enough to complete these.

BALLOONS are a serious safety hazard & are not allowed.

Do not bring balloons to the parties.

If your family celebrates holidays or traditions other than those listed above, we welcome an opportunity for the class to learn about those celebrations as well.  Parents are encouraged to speak to the teacher about a convenient time and opportunity to come and share these family traditions with the children in the class.

At Thanksgiving, we traditionally enjoy the day by inviting whole families to join us for a Thanksgiving Feast.  Families are also welcome to come to our Christmas Music Program & our Spring Music Program.  These events are great fun, and help strengthen our relationships as a learning community.