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Health, Safety, and Sick Children


The children in our care are our first and most important priority, and your child’s health and safety govern every decision we make here at Mt. Zion.

Mt. Zion ‘s entire teaching and administrative staff have received training in CPR and pediatric first aid, and have had criminal background checks completed.

Each member of the Mt. Zion staff follows mandatory health and hygiene procedures which include: frequent hand-washing with anti-bacterial soap, use of waterless cleaners between hand-washings, use of disposable gloves for each diaper change and for any contact with bodily fluids, frequent disinfecting of classroom surfaces & toys using a hydrogen peroxide based sanitizing spray, and use of gloves when handling food.

The State of Georgia and the Preschool Board require that we have on file the Georgia Department of Human Resources Form #3231, which can be obtained either through your pediatrician or the Cobb County Health Department.  As a NAEYC accredited preschool program, we also require an additional medical form indicating overall health of each child.  Both of these forms, signed by a physician, must be on file in the preschool office no later than 30 days from date of enrollment in order for your child to be permitted to attend class.

If, for religious or special health reasons, your child has not received the routine early childhood immunizations, you must pick up a waiver form from the preschool office, which must be notarized, and will be held on file in the preschool office.

You will be asked to provide two emergency back-up phone numbers of friends or relatives that we can call in the event your child becomes ill at school and we are unable to reach either Mom or Dad.  Please let them know that you have given us their names & numbers.

The ALTA Tennis Rule - If you play ALTA tennis on Thursdays, do not use other ALTA members as your emergency numbers. This is because the odds are good that when you are on the tennis court on Thursday mornings, they are, too.

Some Plan Ahead Advise………………………

If you have something important  coming up, that you simply cannot miss, and you have scheduled it during preschool hours  --   be very sure that you have a “JUST IN CASE PLAN” spelled out with your neighbor, grandparent, friend, or spouse – in the unlikely chance that your child wakes up ill on the morning of your plans!  A sick child will be sent home immediately…… for the good of all our families, this policy in non-negotiable.

Our policy concerning sick children is quite simple:

 Sick children need to be at home!

Any child who appears ill on arrival at school will not be permitted to stay.  This is in the best interest of the sick child, as well as the staff and all the other children and families in our program.

If you will regularly be attending a class, lesson, or other activity during school hours be sure the classroom teacher and the preschool office have the phone number where you can be reached.

Be sure to keep your cell phone charged, on, and with you during school hours so we can reach you if needed.

Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

We are required by law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities.  The law requires teachers to be alert to unexplained bruises, cuts, or burn marks.  Please be sure that you keep the preschool staff informed about any recent accidents or injuries concerning your child that, if left unexplained, might be cause for alarm.


Teachers are not permitted to administer any medication to a child, with the exception of an epi-pen or Benadryl for emergency allergic reactions.  If your child requires regular medication, such as an inhaler, during the school day, written permission & instructions must be on file in the preschool office, along with a “school supply” of the medication.  The preschool director will be authorized to administer the medication, with appropriate written permission from parents or guardians.  NEVER send any medication in your child’s school bag – not even cough drops!  If your child needs sunscreen, please apply it at home before coming to school.