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Guidelines for Sick Children

Mt. Zion Preschool’s Guidelines for Sick Children

Make certain that your child’s immunizations are up to date.

DO NOT send your child to school with any illness/rash that could be spread to other children.

DO NOT send your child to school when taking medication that causes drowsiness or diarrhea.

If your child has been diagnosed with any highly contagious illness, please alert the preschool office.  We will then notify other families in the program to be on the lookout for any symptoms or warning signs.

Your child should stay at home if exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

          vomiting                frequent sneezing                     fever

          diarrhea                discolored sinus drainage           sore throat

          constant cough       unidentified skin rash               pink, weepy eye

In the case of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, the symptoms must be gone for a FULL 24 HOURS before your child can return to preschool. Keep in mind that some medications can cause diarrhea, and so until the medication is finished, and the stool has returned to normal, your child should not return to school.

If an illness requires an antibiotic, your child must have completed FULL 24 HOURS on medication prior to returning to preschool. Antibiotics must be given before and after school, not during program hours.

A note from your pediatrician’s office is needed for the following illnesses, before your child may return to preschool:

          infectious hepatitis         meningitis                       ringworm

          impetigo                         scarlet fever                  whooping cough

          head lice                         scabies                           measles

          mumps                             rubella                            tuberculosis

These requirements are posted outside of every classroom.  Please work with us to keep Mt. Zion Preschool a healthy place for our staff and for all of our children.